Dulytek DHP7 V3 All-In-One Hydraulic Rosin Heat Press | 7 Ton – 13Leafz



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  • What are the magnets for?

    The magnets attach the folds of your parchment paper to the frame of the press so that rosin can easily flow from between the plates.

  • How much can you press at one time

    It depends on what you press. Generally speaking, it can press up to 10 - 15 grams per load.

  • What is the max distance between plates for a pre press mold to fit?

    It is about 55 mm.

  • Does it have a pressure gauge? If there isn\'t one, how do you measure the amount of pressure being applied?

    The machine doesn't have a pressure meter. You manually control the pressure by pumping the press handle. The maximum pressure that can be achieved with this machine is 14,000 lb (7 Ton).

  • Is this a dual pid controller?

    It is with single PID but with fuzzy logic chip to control two heating plates. It is also comes with sleep/wake power-safe functions.

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