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  • Is this have dual heating plates?

    Yes, the DW6000 is equipped with dual heating plates.

  • Does it come with any bags and if so what size micron

    It doesn't come with filter bags. The mesh size of bags depends on what you press. For flowers, 160 micron. For sift or kief, 100 or 25 micron is good.

  • What is the recommended or maximum amount of material that can be used in this press?

    Thanks for asking. Please feel free to use the general guidelines published above.

  • Hi, I have a few questions. We need this press for research applications. I would like to know: 1-What is the max time that we can set ? For example can it apply force and heat for 2 hours ? 2- What is the min force/pressure that it can apply? 3- Is there a force/pressure sensor/display ?

    Thanks for asking. 1. The max time is 999 seconds; 2. You can't set the pressure parameter. It is controlled automatically applying the maximum force (up to 6000 lb / 3 Ton) when the plates are fully closed.  3. The current version doesn't have a pressure meter. There is a built-in pressure meter in our DE10K model. 

  • What is the clearance in inches if I were to use a pre-press mold?

    Thanks for asking. The distance between the plates is about 1.5 inches.

  • Can you use a pre-press mold in this press or do you recommend using something else to pre- press then use this?

    Yes, you can use a pre-press mold in this press, as long as the height of pre-press is not too much.

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